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A Simple File Host Site But Slow

File Dropper is a very simple file host site, that allows you upload file up to 5GB without register. After you upload you can get a link of file, send it to your friends or post website for download. I do not know why it does has any information about its service, you do not know 5GB means single file or total space. I do not know how long it can keep file which you uploaded. But this server is very slow, I think I do not want use it now.

File Dropper是一个非常简单的文件寄存网站,它让你不用注册就可以上传至5GB的文件。上传后你能得到一个文件地址,可以发送给朋友,或发布在网站上供大家下载。我不知道为什么这个网站没有任何有关该服务的信息,你不知道5GB的文件是指单个还是总和,你也不知道你上传的文件能够保存多久。但是,该服务非常缓慢,我并不认为目前我会使用它。

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