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250GB Free Online Space

Since File Dropper offers free 250GB online storage account, another one also offers same space. It is a huge storage for single user, I really do not think most people need it but free lunch is good.

File Dropper offered time already expired, but File Savr still going on. If you like you can click this Special Link to grab it before September 15. You can get 250GB online space for free.

If you compare to two sites you will find both are similar. Interface are same, buttons are same, space are same, even logo looks same. I am wondering do they are twin sites? I do not know, should be. For this reason, I do not think it will running longer, it will be hard to keep both sites running well.

自从File Dropper提供免费250GB账户以来,另一个网站也推出了相同的免费账户。对个人用户来说这是一个非常巨大的空间,我并不认为大多数用户需要这么大的空间。不过免费午餐总是好的。

File Dropper已经结束了它的宣传活动,但File Savr还在继续,如果你对它感兴趣的话,可以点击这个特别链接注册一个免费250GB网络空间,它的截止期为9月15日。


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