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Filedropper Offers Special Premium Account Again

Last year I had post an article - 250GB Free Online Space that talk about two file hosting servers offer special premium account that gives you a huge space for free. This year, Filedropper still gives premium account away till end this month.

250GB online space, I think most users can not use it till full, but free lunch is nice. I did try these two hosting service, I think they are same company, and style design is same, speed almost same - slow. Sometimes I could not stand for their speed while I upload a big file. It claims you can upload big to 5GB a time, but most time it was broken even not to 1GB.

If someone need a bog online space maybe worth to try, just go to this promotion page to register, you will get a premium account, 250GB online storage, costs $10 dollars a month.

去年,我曾经发表过一篇文章-250GB Free Online Space,谈的是两个网络储存服务上推出特别赠送账户给用户免费使用的活动。今年,Filedropper仍然举行这样的活动直到这个月底为止。



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