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Use PrivacyBox Receive Online Message

If you are really concern about your internet privacy, or you are living in some countries where have internet censorship you may talk a look this web service. PrivacyBox is a web service that offers users a very secured tool deliver your message. Unlike regular email or online messenger system, this service stops message trackers, it means nobody know where your message sent from.

What is difference between regular email and PrivacyBox? Biggest different point is it is not use email format, like It gives out a web form to let other people send message to you. You can set up forward mail to your real mail service, or use your POP3 client receive it. Remember, do not use reply function with any email client. If you want to send a message to someone, you can use an anonymous email system with PrivacyBox. This way can stop government or someone track you by follow online message.

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