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A Cloud Based Anti-Malware, Crystal Security

Crystal Security is an anti-walware client that helps users to detect, stop and remove malicious programs from your computer. But compare to other similar software, Crystal Security automatically download and update data from server, only connects database of server in real-time. It is a client, just download and run it without installation. This is a small freeware.

Manage Multiple Social Networking Profiles With Blisscontrol

Social networking service is very popular, it pushes people use their tool or service connect friends and family. More and more website come out with social function, and almost everyone especially for young people who have several accounts. How do you manage your profiles with these social networking services? Take a look this web tool that called Blisscontrol, it helps you do this job.

Blisscontrol gives out an easy way to manage multiple account profiles on social networking sites, like Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Flickr, Linkedin, Google, and more. Easy to edit, change, even delete your profile. It doesn't edit for you, just lead you to a right page on each web page, you do everything on your account.

Sejda, A Useful PDF Tool Online

Sejda is a web based PDF tool that helps users merge, split, and encrypt a PDF file. With this tool, you don't need technical skill, or download/install any software, just simple few steps, make your PDF file all done as you want.

First of all, you have to choose subject, whatever merge, split, or encrypt a PDF file. Secondly, upload file from your PC to Sejda. Only a few options, if you want to encrypt a PDF file, just put password. If you want to merge or split file, just simple follow a few steps, easy to do. After all, download your file.

Send File To Others With Efshare, Easy, Fast, And Safe

To share a file on internet is easy, for most people who like to use email, social networking services, file hosting sites. Most ways are not directly because your files store on server of third part. Like email, after you send a photo with an email, it stores on mail server til you deleted. File hosting site is also like that. But Efshare is different, it uses a way that called point to point, direct send file from your computer to others who can download file at same time. No delay, no uploading, secured, and fast.

With Efshare, you don't have to install any software, no register, just use regular browser, copy and send a download link to receiver. When receiver click that link, it starts. So easy.

This is a free service, the file size limits 100MB.