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Test A Japanese VPN Service

If you want hide your IP address while you surf online the VPN is a best way, but most VPN services are commercial, that means you have to pay couple bucks a month if you want use it. Only a few VPN services are free, I had several posts talk about them. Today, I like share another VPN service with you, just let you know sometimes we can have a free meal.

This is a Japanese VPN service and it also has English version. It is a commercial VPN service but it has a test version for free use. You can go this page to download a client that called "PacketiX VPN Client Manager" and a configuration file - "Secure.vpn". It is a little bit difficult to setup this client, so you have to carefully follow these steps below.

First thing is install PacketiX VPN Client Manager. Take look these screenshots:

Click "Yes" button

Click "Next" button

Click "Next" button

Choose "I accept terms in license agreement" and click "Next" button

Take a use name (any) and click "Next" button

Click "Install" button

Click "Finish" button

After installed PacketiX VPN Client Manager you can open it, you can see "Create New VPN Connection..." on client window.

Right click your mouse on it, pick "Import VPN Connection Setting...", you can import "secure.vpn" which you downloaded to client. You will see it appears on the window.

Next step is to use right click with your mouse on "Secure", choose "Connect" on the menu. It will open another window with "terms of service" notice, click "Agree to the Terms of Service and start connection" button.

It starts install another application, it will display another warning window, just ignore it and click "Continue Anyway" button, let it finish process.

After it connected VPN server, the client window displays "Connected", and two icons start flash.

That is all you have to do. Open your browser and type, if it display Google page in Japanese that mean it works fine. Enjoying your surf anyway.


这是一个日本的VPN服务,但它也有一个英文版。它是一个商业软件,不过可以免费使用它的测试版。你只要到这个网页,下载一个称为"PacketiX VPN Client Manager"的客户端和一个配置文件-"Secure.vpn"即可。设置该客户端有点复杂,你需要仔细地跟随下面的步骤进行。





选择"I accept terms in license agreement"并点击"Next"按钮




安装完毕后你可以打开客户端,可以在主窗口内看到"Create New VPN Connection..."。

使用右键点击它,在拉出的菜单中选"Import VPN Connection Setting...",你可以导入先前所下载的配置文件-"secure.vpn"。之后,就可以看到它出现在主窗口内。

下一步是使用鼠标右键点击"Secure",在拉出的菜单中选择"Connect"。它会打开另一个窗口里面显示软件规则,点击"Agree to the Terms of Service and start connection"按钮。

它会继续安装另一个程式,其中会出现一个警告窗口,不要管它点击"Continue Anyway"按钮让它继续安装直至完成。



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