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Gmail Tip

I read some Gmail tips on,which offers some very interesting tips for using Gmail.
How to put your mail to other fold which you wanted? That is a good way to do below:

First, create a Contact with a Name of "Notes" and an Email Address of ""

Next, create a new Label called "Notes"

Finally, create a Filter to add the "Notes" Label any email addressed to "". Also, check the "Skip the Inbox (Archive it)" checkbox.

The effect is this:

When you email yourself from an email account other than your own Gmail account, address the email to "". When the message arrives in your Gmail account, it will automatically be archived into your "Notes" Label view, bypassing the Inbox. Nice and organized.

When you want to email yourself from your own Gmail account, click "Compose Email", and just type "Notes" in the "To" field and hit "Tab" or "Enter". Because you used the name "Notes" in the Contact, Gmail will fill in the email address automatically eliminating the need to enter a long address. Then, when you click send, the email gets sent to yourself, and is auto-archived in the Notes Label, just like above.

首先,在“Contect”里建立一个名为"Notes"、邮件地址是""的联系人。"username"是你Gmail的ID。然后建立一个名为"Notes"的Label。最后,在建立一条Filter,把所有发到""的邮件转到"Notes"的Label中即可。当然要在"Skip the Inbox (Archive it)" 中打勾。

1 “Contect”---"Add Contact"---在“Name”中任意取个名字如“picture”,在“Primary Email”中填入。“save”即可。
2 在“Label”下点“Edite labels ”,在“Create a new label”栏中天如:picture,点“Create”。
3 点“Filter”,点“Create a new filter”。在“To:”中填入,点“next step”。在“Skip the Inbox (Archive it)”选项上打上勾,在“ Apply the label”的选项上打上勾,并选择“Choose label”的picture”,点“Create Filter”即可。
4 如果你想给自己发信的话,只要在地址栏中填入:picture即可,它会自动把信存到picture label中,而不会出现在inbox中。
5 如果你想让他人发信到你指定的文件夹中,你可以任意建立label和filter即可。你只要给别人username+xxx@gmail.com地址即可。它是利用了Gmail的ID规则来进行的。如果你的Gmail是,那么你只要在myemail后面加上任意的数字或字母,如myemail+mail@gmail.com都会直接把信件传送到你的myemail@gmail.com信箱中。

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