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How to hack Paris Hilton?

Recently,some newspaper and websites report about Paris Hilton's cell phone was hacked by hacker.How does hacker did? Sounds so simple!
Figuring out people’s passwords for hackers is not very difficult, especially is someone is as infamous as Paris Hilton. There are many theories doing the rounds on the Internet about how her phone got hacked. Here is how it might have happened:
Like many online service providers, requires users to answer a “secret question” if they forget their passwords. For Hilton’s account, the secret question was “What is your favorite pet’s name?” By correctly providing the answer, any internet user could change Hilton’s password and freely access her account.
It is not too hard to know how Paris Hilton hacked.
T-Mobile representatives said Hilton uses a Sidekick II, a communication device that offers wireless telephone and internet access as well as a built-in flash camera.

近来,不少媒体报道Paris Hilton的手机被骇了,那么黑客是如何做的呢?说来实在太简单。
要去破译一个密码对黑客来说不是一件难事,尤其是象Paris Hilton这样名誉不怎样的人。有不少方法可以用,Paris Hilton的手机被破译便是这样发生的:
和许多网络服务商设计的那样,T-Mobile.com也会在你遗忘密码时有一个所谓的“秘密问题”出现,Paris Hilton的问题是“你喜欢的宠物名字”。如果回答正确的话,你就可以修改密码并进入她的帐户里。
问题就出在这里,一个公从人物总会不经意地透露出它的宠物名字,这也是Paris Hilton被骇客的原因所在。
T-Mobile公司说,Paris Hilton使用的是该公司的Sidekick II,它可以无线上网的手机,附带flash相机。

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