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Does P2P software really free?

Many Peer to Peer programs say they offer people free to use,does it true? No,Benjamin Edelman say that.Edelman research spyware,and he posted an article on his website,which talk about some top P2P program have some "unwanted" software with them, including eDonkey,Kazaa,LimeWire,iMesh,and Morpheus.

很多点对点软件声称他们的软件是免费使用的,果真如此? 绝对不是!Benjamin Edelman这样说,他是研究间谍软件的专家,他在他的网站上发表了一篇有关这方面的调查文章。文章列举了一些事例证明不少点对点软件在其本身捆绑了一些称自为“不想要的软件”供用户下载。包括:eDonkey,Kazaa,LimeWire,iMeshMorpheus

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