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MSN RSS Aggregator

Microsoft's MSN division has a working version of a Web-based RSS aggregator online. It appears to be part of MSN's sandbox, where it tests new technologies, though it was not linked off that page as of this posting. A disclaimer at the bottom of the aggregator Web page says: "This site is not an officially supported site. It is an incubation experiment and doesn't represent any particular strategy or policy.'' Note: It seems to work best (only?) on Windows IE. You won't see much if you view it in Firefox.
You can use it for read RSS now.

微软的MSN目前已经在测试在线RSS aggregator,它出现在sandbox中,这是一个微软报告测试新技术的网站.但是这个测试网站说,它没有微软的官方技术支持,而且目前只使用微软的IE浏览器,但以后会支持Mozilla的Firefox。

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