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New design for glasses

Have you see this picture? What difference of this sunglasses? Japanese Sunglass-maker KT Optica Inc. offers sunglasses that feature a new temple design.
The sunglasses are worn hooked inside the ear, which keeps them in place and they do not slip forward. The company says that their glasses are ideal for sports.Oh,really!I lost my glasses when I work in my back yard.Looks nice!
KT Optica sells their sunglasses for around $190 in Japan.

你看到这张图片了吗? 这个人戴的眼镜有什么地方与众不同? 日本Sunglass-maker KT光学公司最近推出了新设计的一款眼镜,它的特色是它的镜架是勾在耳朵里,而不是象通常那样架在耳朵上方。据Sunglass-maker KT光学公司说这样设计是为了方便作运动的人,眼镜不会因为此而向前方脱落。多好的想法!我的眼镜也是在后院干活时掉落的。

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