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Nextaris:new concept

What is Nextaris? it is an entirely new concept; an all- in-one set of web-based tools for searching the Web, capturing content, saving/sharing files,publishing blogs,messaging and networking.
If you register this website you will get 100MB storage space.You can:
Searching and Finding Information
Search the Internet
Save Web Searches to a Folder
Track the Latest News
Capturing Web Content
Capture Web Pages
Capture Text from a Web Page
Capture Images from a Web Page
Create a Blog
Publish a Blog
Make My Blog Available as RSS
Store Documents Online
Share Files with My Friends
Create My Own Web Site
Reaching Out/Networking
Create My Own Group of Users
Invite People to Join Nextaris
Send Private Messages to Users
Using Photo Albums
Create a Photo Album
Share a Photo Album
Publish a Photo Album


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