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RadioSHARK-----Radio recorder?

I don't know about radioSHARK which is a AM/FM Radio with Time Shift Recorder.The RadioSHARK can record any AM or FM radio broadcast by computer in real time, that accord to Griffin Technology says.I read an article which posted on a Michael August Pusateri's blog,I know what it is.If you have interesting radioSHARK, you can click this link.

在阅读Michael August Pusateri的部落格以前我对radioSHARK一无所知。其实它是一个用USB连接电脑的调频调幅收音录音机,它可以象电视录像机那样设定时间来录制你喜欢的电台广播。看上去不错。但是我还不知道如何使用。

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