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Yahoo! 360° Invitation

I am very happy I got invitation of Yahoo! 360° from Jeremy Zawodny. I subscribed his blog, which helps me a lot. Thanks, Jeremy Zawodny.

Who want Yahoo! 360° Invitation? Just drop me by email, or leave message here.

很高兴从Jeremy Zawodny那里得到Yahoo! 360°。我订阅他的部落格,它给了我不少的帮助。谢谢你,Jeremy Zawodny。
如果谁对Yahoo! 360°感兴趣的话,可在这里留言,或发email给我。


Anonymous said...

I am the first one here to leave a comment, would I get one too? :-)

I think it's a bit like gmail and people got a bit crazy about it, I like the idea, let's all be a bit excited!!

Waiting for your invitation soon, thank you.

Anonymous said...

Would you give me a invitation?

Living Online said...

Your invitations has been sent.Have fun!

sandeep said...

hi there ..
can u please send me a yahoo! 360 invitation please..
my email address is