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A new search way by Filangy

What is Filangy ? Its website says, Filangy is an intelligent search tool integrated with a search engine to make searching productive. You’ll never have to go hunting for an article you read online last week or search over and over again. Actually, Filangy is search engine for your web history. But now it is still a beta.

什么是Filangy? 它的网站说, 它是一个智能的搜索工具与搜索引擎完全整合的东西,它可以搜索你的网络历史,而不必一再地去搜索以前你读过的东西.总之,它是一个个人网络历史搜索器。不过它现在还是处于试验期,并没有完全开放注册,如果你有兴趣的话,可以在这里留下电子邮件地址,也许它会在适当的时候发邀请给你。

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