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Smart Shopping Search Engine is a comprehensive shopping engine that helps consumers to make smarter buying decisions online.
According to its website says, is owned and operated by Mezi Media, a privately held corporation, with headquarters in Los Angeles, California, a representative office in Tokyo, Japan and a large development and production center in Shanghai, China.

Smarter.com是一个综合性比较网络购物的搜索引擎,它帮助人们更好地搜索和比较不同或相同的产品价格,以便让你有更多的网络购物选择。据该网站说,Smarter.com是一家叫Mezi Media的私营公司拥有,它的总部设在美国加州的洛杉矶,并在世界其它城市设有办事处,在中国上海设有庞大的产品和研发中心。

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