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A fake news of Google

Recently,some blogs report about Google register a new domain for erotic search.Main news title is Google Unveils New Erotica Search Engine which from,it says Google registered domain calls will offer erotic search information,and different other Google search engines,even it hired most famous porn star Linda Lovelace.But according to some people say, that is a fake news.See “Grotica is a freaking hoax”,and “Grotica - Google Erotica Engine or Webmaster World Joke”.
Actually,hosted is, not Google.

近来,有报道说Google注册了一个专为成人色情内容搜索的域名,主要的报道是一篇题目为:Google揭开新的色情搜索引擎的面纱,该报道的来源是英国一个叫的网站,它说Google注册的域名是,它提供的色情搜索不同于Google其他的搜索服务器,甚至还聘请了知名的色情女明星Linda Lovelace。但是据一些部落格说,这纯粹是一条假新闻。见“Grotica is a freaking hoax”,和“Grotica - Google Erotica Engine or Webmaster World Joke”的报道(英文)。

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