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Skype is hot in China

Recently,some news are very interesting.One is Skype Forms Joint Venture With Chinese Company.That report says,Skype Technologies and Tom Online Inc. of China have agreed to start a joint company that would distribute jointly developed Internet telephony software to service providers.Under the latest agreement, Tom will hold a 51 percent share of the joint venture, with Skype holding the remaining share.Another news is China may ban unregulated VoIP services; Shenzhen blacklists Skype - report
.The report says,China's regulators may ban the use of unregulated voice-over-Internet-protocol (VoIP) services that allow PC users to make long-distance calls to overseas fixed-line telephones. China Telecom's Shenzhen branch has already blacklisted users of SkypeOut.A call from China to New York using Skype is 0.3 yuan per minute while a call through China Telecom costs eight yuan per minute. Last one is eBay to Buy Skype.It says,Online auctioneer eBay has announced that it will acquire Skype Technologies, for approximately $2.6 billion in cash and eBay stock.


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