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Big Brother TV Show Program

CBS has a TV program which calls Big Brother.What is Big Brother?According to its website says,BIG BROTHER is the summer series that follows a group of strangers sharing a house -- a house equipped with cameras and microphones to record their every move, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. BIG BROTHER is an exciting, fierce, dramatic competition that will require players to use brain, brawn and charm to win. In the end, one houseguest will walk away with the cash grand prize. The winner will be awarded $500,000 US dollars.
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CBS有一个电视节目叫Big Brother。什么是BIG BROTHER?它是让一组互不相识的人同住一间屋子,在这间屋里到处装着监视器和麦克风,一天二十四小时纪录你的一举一动。BIG BROTHER是一个令人兴奋、疯狂和具有戏剧效果的节目,要求当事人局用较好的头脑、意志力和吸引力。最后的赢家将获得50万美元的奖金。

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