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Eurekster’s Swicki search service officially launches now.This is a very nice search engine,they use basic technology and added on a “do it yourself” interface to allow a much larger number of sites, particularly blogs, to also integrate search direclty into their content.You don't need to know any knowledge of search engine,just put some words which your interesting,then make your own search page by Swicki,also put it on your website or blog.Every thing seems simple now.Register free now.
You can see my search bar on the bottom,and visit my Swicki search page now.

官方的Eurekster’s Swicki search service已经开始运作。这是一个非常友好的搜索引擎,它运用基本的技术和加入了让你选择你想要的搜索范围来创建一个你个人化的搜索页面。你无需多少有关搜索引擎的知识,只要加入几个关键词即可建立你的搜索主页,而且还可以加入到你的网站和部落格中。一切都很简单。现在注册是免费的。
你可以在我的部落格界面的底部看到我的Swicki搜索引擎,或点击 我的Swicki搜索主页

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