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SuprGlu:Gathers All to One Blog

Are you a blogger?Do you have some different accounts for post your blog such as Blogger,,Flickr,etc? Well,SuprGlu is a new way to gather all your content from those sites.What's SuprGlu? 1, Gathers your content from popular webservices and publishes them in one convenient place. 2, Presents your content with simple, great looking templates which you can customize.Last point,it is Free.SuprGlu currently relies on RSS (Really Simple Syndication) and ATOM feeds.
Look a sample of My SuprGlu.


你是一个博克吗?你有几个不同功能不同网站如Blogger,,Flickr的帐户吗?,SuprGlu用一种新的方法来把这些网站串联在一起。什么是SuprGlu?主要有三点:一,它把你分散在不同网站里的内容聚合在一个网页上,使它看上去更方便简洁。二,你可以重新更换你的template,使它更符合你的意愿。最后一点,当然是免费。目前,SuprGlu是用RSS (Really Simple Syndication) 和ATOM的feeds来串联的。

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