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Windows Live

Microsoft is announcing Windows Live online service now,and Office Live service also is coming.It looks similar Start3,you can add some contents to the page,such as web feeds,hotmail,and maybe instant message late.It will give you a new web mail which call Windows Mail,maybe it from new Hotmail which call Kahuna.Everything seems new.

微软已经开始运转一个新的网站,它与专门测试新功能的Start3有点相似,它叫Windows Live,还有一个叫Office Live的网站也跟着发布。与一些相同的网站一样,你可以在页面添加一些内容。如:网站的Feeds、你的Hotmail信箱,以后还会有即时通。它还能让你注册一个新的叫Windows Mail的邮箱,据说来自新开发的Hotmail,旧名叫Kahuna。看上去一切都是新的。

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