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14 Reasons That IE Is Better Than Firefox?

I read a blog which call Neil's World,it posted an interest article that subject is 1000 reasons why IE is better than Firefox.Original article is in Franch,Nail use Google Translator convert to English.And he also think that has 14 reasons actually.

1.Internet Explorer is integrated with Windows XP so you can surf the internet without having to decide which browser to use.
2.Internet Explorer is accessible for everyone.
3.IE can display all web pages - not all of them work in Firefox.
4.IE requires hardly any extensions, whereas Firefox has a plethora.
5.IE does not ship with tabs, but they can be added if you wish.
6.IE does not have an RSS reader, which is a fad. You can just visit the site every day if you need to.
7.IE is less secure than Firefox, but patches are released regularly.
8.IE is closely linked to Windows.
9.IE does not pass the Acid2 test like Safari does.
10.You need to use IE to access Windows Update - even though Microsoft released a Firefox plugin for Windows Genuine Advantage, they will never open Windows Update to Firefox.
11.IE doesn’t crash when visiting online banking sites, Firefox does.
12.IE7 will adopt the standards of 2006 and include innovations of Microsoft and others, such as RSS, SSL3 and better security.
13.IE does not respect W3C standards in their entirity.
14.IE is the ‘de-facto’ standard that developers work to.

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