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Glide-Virtual Storage Online

Glide is a service that will help you upload and share just about any type of file - photos, MP3 files, video clips and even Word, PowerPoint or PDF documents.Accord to New York Times says Glide is powered by TransMedia which is a small comapy (24 people).As many other virtual storage websites,Glide offers user two kind of way to use it,one is free which has 100 MB storage.Another one is for paid user, $5 monthly plan with 1.5 GB of storage,or $10 monthly plan with 3 GB of storage.You can upload your file (picture,movie,document) to Glide,then it converts that file for preview online,if you want share this file with your friends or other people you can send a message to them,they will get a link for watch your file but can't download it. you can control how many times somebody plays or watches your file, or limit time for access. Sounds good? Yes! But Glide will ask your credit card number when you sigh up even you just want a free account.I think it wants a real custmer,but the registeration stops me to try it.

Glide是一个让你上传任何文件(图片、多媒体、文档等)的在线储存网站。据纽约时报介绍说Glide基于一个只有24人的名叫TransMedia公司运转。和其他网络储存服务一样,Glide为用户提供两种服务,一是免费使用100MB空间,另一种是5美元月费为1.5GB或10美元月费3GB空间。你可以上传你的文件到Glide,然后它会把文件转为在线展示或播放。如果你想让你的朋友分享这个文件,你可以发一个邀请,你的朋友会得到一个连接,他们可以阅读或观看,但是不能下载。你还可以控制观看的次数和时间。听上去不错? 当然!但是当你要注册一个免费用户时,Glide会询问你的信用卡号。我知道它想要的是真正的用户,但是复杂的注册手续让我不想尝试。

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