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Gtalkr Via Gmail

Do you have an account of Gmail? If you have it you can use Google Talk with your friends whom have same account to each other.But I don't think you know about Gtalkr.What is that? It can helps you via your Google's account to talk to your friends as Google Talk without download any software.Actually,it can access your Gmail's account.Really? Yes,it is cool.But,you need use your Gmail ID and password.

你知道Gmail吗? 如果你有它的帐户你可以用它的Google Talk来和你的gmail朋友联系。但是你可能不知道Gtalkr。哪是什么?它能帮助你通过gmail来联系你的朋友如同Google Talk那样,而无需下载任何软件。事实上,Gtalkr可以进入你的Gmail帐户。真的吗?是的,非常酷。但是你必须使用你的Gmail的用户名和密码。

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