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Virtual Linux System Online

Have you try to use Linux? I wanted several times but my PC is Windows system, I don't want to buy another PC that just for to try use Linux system. If you like me do not to buy another PC, maybe you can use your Windows PC to try Linux system now.Not kidding, Workspot is a private instant Linux desktop, you can use your browser to connect its server (require Java applet),you can test your virtual Linux client.It is very cool.This is fastest and cheapest way to try Linux,you do not need change anything with your Windows system.
Demo link here.

你想试试Linux吗? 我曾经多次想要尝试但是我的电脑是Windows系统,我并不想只是为了试试Linux去买一台新电脑。如果你象我这样想试试Linux,现在你可以通过你的浏览器就可以实现。这不是开玩笑,Workspot是一个在线个人即时Linux桌面服务系统,你可以用你现有的浏览器连接它的服务器(需要Java applet),便可以使用它的虚拟Linux客户端。非常酷。这是最快和最便宜的方法去体验Linux,你并不需要更改你的电脑中Windows的任何东西和设置。

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