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1000 Tags For Sell is a project that aims to put to the test in its simplest form the viability of tagging as a way to advertise, by presenting a tag cloud formed by tags added by people who try to promote a particular site or page. call itself is first commercial tag cloud. It has 1000 piece tags and it offers two options for buyer, one is exclusive tags that cost $250 dollars;another one is shared tag that cost $5 dollars. Yes, that idea is very similar with Million Dollar Homepage,Michael Arrington says that is a stupid but brilliant idea.

1000tags.com是一个非常简单给他人放标签的网站,当然这些标签是为了为网站做广告的。1000tags.com声称自己是第一家商业性的网络标签网站,它共有1000个标签供出售,有两种方案可选择;一是买断型,价值250美元。二是共享型5美元。这个想法与百万美元主页非常相似, 难怪Michael Arrington说这是一个愚蠢的但是很有才华的想法。

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