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Chinese Exchange Goods Website is a Chinese website which helps people exchange stuff to each other. Before you do anything you need register with, and copy your ID and upload it to After you did that step, you need polish three subjects on, then you can search to find something which you wanted, and make deal with other people. But I think maybe it is not safe, because some people are not honest, the problem is you nenver ensure if other people return or not.是一个中文网站,它主要的任务是帮助人们借用交换各自的东西。首先你必须在上注册,你必须拷贝和上传你的身份证到。你还必须在该网站上发布三件东西以便他借用,然后你可以在该网站里搜索你想要的东西,按照该网站的规定办理手续完成交易。但是并不是所有的人都那么诚实,问题是你如何去相信别人会不会归还你的东西。

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