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Milliondollar Homepage Wave

Since Alex created Milliondollar Homepage,many people copied this kind of website. I don't know how many websites are the same Milliondollar Homepage, and I don't know why the people want buy pixels there, their URL is so long,and how many people are surfing there? I just put some screenshots of that kind of websites below. No special meaning, just fun!
Someone made a website which calls The Pixel Wars that reports different pixel websites. It is interesting!

Million Dollar Homepage in Ukrainian

Million xxx Pixels

2 Shy To Buy

Fivehundred Thousand Dollar Homepage

Million Quarter Webpage

自从Alex建立了他的百万美元主页后, 很多人也争相模仿这个网站。我不清楚有多少类似这样的网站,我也不知道为什么人们要在这种网站上购买格子。这种网站的地址总是很长,有多少会浏览?我只是放了一些这样类型网站的截图在这里,没有什么特别的意义,只是好玩而已。
有人专门建了一个名叫The Pixel Wars的网站来报道有多少这样类型的网站。

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