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Newsvine,A Social News Site

Newsvine is a collaborative, social news site. Like other sites, Newsvine shows major news publications. However, readers can comment on news items, allowing for a discussion to ensue.It also allow you to adding tagging. You can bookmark a news piece with a tag such as “China” and it will become available at Newsvine under the URL If you are interested in seeing news on a given tag, you can of course go straight to that URL as well.
It is a very interesting news share site. Now,it is free for register but need invitation. Very thanks for Mark Sahawneh who gave me an invitation for try it.If you are interesting about Newsvine you can ask me here, I have some invitions now.

Newsvine是一个共享的社会性新闻网站,与其他网站一样它提供各方面的新闻来源,同时它还能让读者参与每条新闻的评论。它允许你加入标签,你可以对每条新闻加入标签,如:“China”,它会成为Newsvine域名后独立的栏目存在,如。如果你对这条标签感兴趣的话可以直接打入这个地址来浏览。目前,Newsvine还处于试验时期,免费注册(需要邀请),你可以在它的页面上留下email地址,或在这里向我索取邀请。非常感谢Mark Sahawneh,是他邀请我的。

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