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RSS to PDF Generator

Rss2pdf is a free online RSS, Atom or OPML to PDF generator. If you type a website's feed it will help you convert that webpage to PDF file. You can read it online or download to your local disk. It is cool. Even it can makes your flickr picture album to PDF file.

Click below for see this blog's PDF file.

Rss2pdf是一个在线将RSS, Atom和OPML转为PDF文件的网站。只要你输入网站的feed就可以把它转为PDF文件,你可以在线阅读或下载到自己的硬盘里。非常酷!它还可以将你的flickr相片集转为PDF文件。点击上面的小图标可以看到转为PDF文件的这个blog。

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