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Yahoo Messenger 7.5 Beta PC To Phone Call

Yahoo is running Yahoo! Messenger 7.5 beta for pc to phone with some countries,such as Hongkong,Singapore,France,Italy,Spain,Gemany.Now these local resident can use that kind of service that call around the world with low rate.According to Yahoo! Messenger says,pc to phone service will running in other areas soon.

Yahoo已经在某些国家运转它的Yahoo! Messenger 7.5测试版,该服务可以使用让人们通过雅虎通7.5版来打世界各地的国际电话,价格非常低廉。目前,该服务已经在香港、新加波、法国、意大利、德国和西班牙运转,据Yahoo! Messenger主站说,该服务不久将在其他国家运转。

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