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Yahoo Messenger Translator

Yahoo Translating Proxy is a two-way translator which works with Yahoo! Messenger to translate your typed message into various languages. You can type English or other language (just for German,Spanish,French,Italian,Portuguese),your receiver will get another kind language. It is a free software, after download you need change your Yahoo! Messenger's proxy. I have never try it but I think that's cool, I hope someday it will add a Chinese function.

Yahoo Translating Proxy是一个专为Yahoo! Messenger开发的两路即时翻译软件,它可以在你使用Yahoo! Messenger时同时同步从英语翻译到其他语言(目前只有德、西、法、意、葡语),你交谈的对方会马上收到另一种语言。它是免费软件,下载后你必须更改Yahoo! Messenger的代理服务器地址。我从来没有用过这个软件,但是我认为它很酷,我希望它将来能增加中文功能。

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