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Listible:Get Relevant Resources Quickly

Listible is a new way to get relevant resources quickly.By using Web 2.0 features such as AJAX, folksonomy (tagging), social elements such as voting/commenting and the listible's listonomy (listing), resources can be sorted in a way that will be digestible. You can search what you need quick. You can contribute your resources easier.

Listible是一条新方法去快速获得有关的内容来源。基于Web 2.0的特点如AJAX、folksonomy(大众分类法)的标签、共享元素如网络投票和留言评论和listible的(列表分类法),信息来源可排列成一类以便于摘要。你可以非常快速地搜索,也可以编辑你的信息来源。

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