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Zingee:Another Way To Share File With Other

Zingee is an internet application that makes sharing and accessing content really simple for everyone.

Zingee lets you make web links to files on your computer. You can give these web links to friends and colleagues and they can come and get the files directly from your computer. They just click the link, a browser window opens and they download the file like from a web server.Zingee requires Windows XP with .Net Framework 1.1.

Zingee是一个网络应用程式,它可以让你用非常简单的方式来共享文件。它让你用网络连接到你的电脑,你可以用相同的方法把网络连接提供给你的朋友或同事,他们可以非常简单地点击这个连接而直接用浏览器下载你电脑中的分享文件,无需另外注册。注意:Zingee需要Windows XP的.Net Framework 1.1环境。

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