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Slide Shows You Visual Stream Of Photos

Slide shows you a visual stream of things you like but don't have time to search for. What Slide shows you? Breaking news about world events, business, sports and entertainment. Things to buy from your favorite stores. You can download its player into your computer, whatch it on your desk screen,or put its code on your webpage. It is pretty cool.
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Slide展示一個流動的視覺感受的東西,那是你想要的但沒有時間去搜索。Slide能為你展示什么呢? 有關世界的即時新聞、商業、体育和娛樂信息。甚至是在你喜歡的商店了能買到什么東西。你可以下載它的播放器到你的電腦,并在桌面上播放﹔也可以把它的代碼貼到你的網站上。非常酷。

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