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Talqer™, Cheaper VoIP Phone Call

Talqer™ integrates with Google Talk to allow users to make phone calls to normal telephones anywhere in the world!
Talqer™ is the best Internet Telephony value available today, combining quality and reliability with a familiar user interface, ease of use and low cost. With Talqer™ people anywhere on the Internet can use their existing VoIP applications to communicate with each other through PC-to-PC connections and use Talqer™ to make high quality PC-to-Phone calls to others who still are not online. Talqer™ allows users to call existing telephone and cellular phone networks at a fraction of the price traditional telephone carriers charge!
You can download Talqer™, pick with Google Talk or not (just use Talqer™"). You need buy credit if you want use international phone call. The price is cheaper than Skype,Yahoo, and some other VoIP companies.
Some counties rate is $0.015:Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, China, Denmark, France, Germany, HongKong, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Norway, Singapore, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan, United Kingdom, USA and the Vatican City.

Talqer™整合了Google Talk來讓用戶通過電腦打電話到世界各地。Talqer™是目前最有價值的網絡電話服務商,它結合了高音質及可信賴的服務,配以親切界面,容易使用和低價位。用Talqer™,不僅可以在任何地方使用網絡電話,無論是電腦對電腦或者是電腦對電話的通話都輕鬆自如。
下載Talqer™可以有兩個選擇:一是與Google Talk相結合;二是單獨使用Talqer™。如果你想打國際長途電話就必須購買點數。它的價格非常低廉,比Skype,Yahoo,和其他網絡電話服務商都要便宜。

Update: Sounds very good, but service is not good as it say.

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