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Cl1p, An Internet Clipboard

Cl1p is an internet clipboard, which lets you copy and paste between computers. It is very simple and easy to use. Just enter in any URL that starts with (example: and post. Then from any other computer enter the same URL and copy. You can upload a file (2 MB Max) and save your message (text), set available time what you wanted.

Cl1p是一個在線粘貼板,它能讓你在網絡上暫時保存資料(文字或其他文件)並在兩個不同的電腦之間移動文件。使用起來非常容易簡單,只要在Cl1p後面輸入任何字母後最綴,(如:,便可以在進入的頁面裡輸入文字或上傳文件(2 MB為限),可以設定時間限制。如果你要移動文件到另一台電腦的話,可以在那個電腦的瀏覽器上輸入相同的網址(如:,下載或拷貝即可。

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