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Convert Photo Document To PDF File

ScanR is a web service that scan, copy and fax with your camera phone or digital camera. It uses advanced imaging processing and data extraction technologies to convert photos into legible, searchable PDF files. It is easy to use ScanR without any software, take photos of whiteboards or documents and send them to for whiteboards or for documents. It will send files back to your email account. If you have a Windows Mobile 5.0™ phone, you can download scanR for Windows Mobile 5.0. that captures photos of whiteboards and uploads them to scanR without the need for MMS or email. I did not try it, if you interest about ScanR you can try.

Original photo (原來的照片文件)

scanR PDF file (轉換成PDF的文件)

ScanR是一個在線服務網站,它能使你的數位相機和移動電話相機用於掃描、拷貝和傳真。它使用提升相片質量和駁離數據的方法來把相片轉成清晰的、可搜索的PDF文件。使用ScanR非常簡單而不需要任何軟件。只要對文本照相,然後對應發到白板文件)、文檔文件)。它將會把轉好的文件發回到你的電子郵件裡。如果你有Windows Mobile 5.0™移動電話的話,可以下載一個ScanR的程序,它能抓取白板照片並上傳到ScanR。我還沒有使用過,如果有興趣的話你可以試試。

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