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Linkedfeed, An Ajax Homepage

LinkedFeed is a mix between an AJAXed homepage, an RSS aggregator, and mostly a social network. It gives you control over everything displayed on the site. As other personalized homepage,LinkedFeed has some functions, it allows you add website feeds, news, web search, notepad, weather report, and it has pop3 mail reader.

LinkedFeed是一個基於Ajax Homepage和RSS聚合器之間的一個個性主頁網站。它給你全部的控制權去添加一些你想要展示的東西。和其他的個性主頁網站一樣,你可以添加一些網站的feeds、新聞摘要、在線搜索、隨手帖、天氣預報、還有一個pop3郵件閱讀器。

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