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PC To Network (Chinese)(Shut Down)

PC To Network is a Chinese web2.0 site. It is a really cool site, you can upload your files ( no media file) to PC To Network, it automatic converts these files to a HTML webpage. Its interface very cool, like use your computer, but speed seems slow for me,and has less feature. It offers 2GB space, free register.

PC To Network(網絡就是計算機)是一個中文web2.0網站。它是一個非常酷的網站,你可以上傳文件(不能多媒體)到它的網站上,它會自動把他們轉為網頁文件。它的界面非常酷,如同在操作自己的電腦一樣。但是對我來說它的速度有點慢,功能也不全。它提供2GB空間,免費注冊。

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