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Set Virtual Desktop System With EyeOS

EyeOS is a web based desktop system. With EyeOS you can access your data and your applications anywhere, anytime. A virtual office in your hands, no need to install anything in the computer. Everything lives in the browser, for you and your work colleagues.It looks very cool. EyeOS is open source and free software. You need .net Framework 2.0.

EyeOS是一個在線桌面系統。用它你可以在任何地方、任何時間進入你的桌面和運用你的各種文件。一個虛擬的辦公室便在你的手中,不需要任何其他的辦公軟件,隻需要浏覽器即可。非常酷!EyeOS是一個開放軟件,你需要有.net Framework 2.0環境。

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