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Zimbio Makes Public Portal For You

Zimbio is a website of collaborative media company, and it helps people learn from others on the Internet. Zimbio network of public portals are designed to help people quickly get down the learning curve on any topic of interest by seeing what other people are reading, saying, and recommending about the topic.What is a public portal? Public portals are user-generated websites that offer a range of features including group blogging, member photos, links to favorite websites, RSS headlines, tracking of search results, and discussion forums. Zimbio members can create public portals on any topic, and members can contribute to any portal by adding, editing, and rating content. Zimbio is still a beta, so you need leave your email address there, or go REGISTER, use ID:aquamarine password: chef

Zimbio是一個合作媒體公司的網站,它幫助人們在網絡中相互學習。Zimbio設計的網絡公共入口能讓人們快速地從網絡社區中他人的興趣愛好中得到有用的東西。什麼是公共入口? 它是用戶使用的網站的綜合體,包括小組的blog、成員的照片、收藏網站的連接、RSS摘要、搜索結果的軌跡和論壇的討論。Zimbio的成員能夠創立任何題目的公共入口,其他的成員能夠參與到其中,可以添加、編輯和評論內容。
Zimbio目前還是測試期,如果你有興趣的話可以在它的網站上留下你的電子郵件地址,或者直接使用這個來注冊,用戶名:aquamarine 密碼: chef

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