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Audio Blog Aggregator: The Hype Machine

The Hype Machine is an experiment that keeps track of songs posted on the best blogs about music and presents them in an easy to consume manner. You can easily to listen, discover and buy songs with The Hype Machine, but you can not download music. The only thing you can do is put The Hype Machine player on your blog or website.

The Hype Machine是一種將網絡上最好的有關音樂的blog中的音樂軌跡集合在一起的試驗。在The Hype Machine你可以非常容易地聆聽、搜索和購買歌曲,但是你不能下載音樂。唯一能做的事就是把The Hype Machine的播放器放在你的blog或網站上。

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