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Cheap Global Phone Call In Cell Phone

Globe Dialer is a software application that functions as a secondary phonebook for all of your international contacts. When you call a number from the Globe Dialer phonebook, the call will automatically be routed through its system. You will still be using domestic minutes with your existing carrier, but the international component of the call will go through your Globe Dialer account – and be charged at calling card rates. So you can use your cell phone to call internetional phone call with low price.

Globe Dialer是一個網絡程式軟件,它的功能是可以將你的移動電話自動轉接到比較便宜的國際長途,如果你有海外的朋友的話。當你使用你的Globe Dialer電話帳戶,你的移動電話的通話可以自動通過它的路由系統接到對方的電話。當然,你打的國內費用還是要計算的,Globe Dialer計算的只是你的國際長途費用。所以,你可以用你的移動電話來打比較便宜的國際長途電話。

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