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Eye Search For Web Shots

I was introduced Pixsy which is a visual search site before. Today, I like introduce another one but not for search photo and vedio, it is a screen shot of website. Eye Search is a visual search interface built using AJAX and Flash. Eye Search is a "mash-up" Alexa WebShots, Google Suggestions and Yahoo Search.

以前我曾經介紹過Pixsy,它是一個視覺搜索網站。今天我要介紹另一個視覺搜索網站,但是它不是搜索圖片和影像,而是在搜索時呈現網站的截圖。Eye Search是一個使用AJAX和Flash的界面視覺搜索網站,它混合了Alexa WebShots, Google SuggestionsYahoo Search這幾個搜索引擎集于一個界面。

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