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Indiestore, A New Musician Helper

Indiestore is a brand-new service from 7digital that allows independent artists and labels to sell their music online. After you registered you can upload your music to Indiestore, and it will do rest for you. Indiestore has two levels of services, Starter and Pro. It is a good way for new artists, Indiestore helps to promot your music on the 7 Digital network including Google, Froogle, Yahoo!, Audio search, 7digital, Indiestore and over 200 partner sites.

Indiestore是來自7digital的一個新的服務網站。它向那些新的獨立藝術家提供一個宣傳和銷售他們作品的地方。在注冊後只要簡單地上傳你的作品,余下的事由Indiestore來幫你解決。它有兩種服務方案供選擇:Starter and Pro。這對新藝術家來說是一個好方法,Indiestore會幫你在它的數位網絡中宣傳你的作品,包括:Google, Froogle, Yahoo!, Audio search, 7digital等超過二百家網站。

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