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SocialMail Helps You Turn Email Into Feeds

SocialMail is just one of the Big in Japan tools. It helps you turn email into feeds. You can turn any current email list into a feed by using a SocialMail address to subscribe. As more and more internet users are using feeds to track projects, blogs and other content, it makes it handy to track some group emails in the same way.

SocialMailBig in Japan的網絡工具中的一個。它可以將email轉爲feed。你可以用SocialMail將任何現有的email轉成feed,用feed閱讀器來收信和定閱。如不少用戶使用feed來得到網站和blog的反饋信息,它也是一種很好的方式與朋友或工作小組共享的方法。

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