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uLinkx, A Social Media Organizer

uLinkx is a web based media bookmarking tool for organizing all your favorite Videos and Music. It’s the hub of all media related activities like dynamic searching of videos and music, tagging and bookmarking them and finally sharing them with other users. uLinkx helps the user search for videos from google video, yahoo video, YouTube and iFilm. Music from any other music site on the web. User can also uLinkx their favorite video or music from the playlist available on the uLinkx.

uLinkx是一個在線多媒體書簽工具,它可以管理所有你喜歡的視頻和音樂連接。它是一個多媒體搜索引擎連接器,可以及時動態地搜索最新來自各搜索引擎的信息,如:google video, yahoo video, YouTube and iFilm,及來自各音樂網站上的音樂。使用者可以在uLinkx上建立自己的播發列表。

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