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Umundo, Free Send Video With Cell Phone

Umundo is a company that base in California. It provides consumers a unique service, subscription-free with their cell phones: send instantly video clip direct from the phone to popular sites such as MySpace, my Yahoo, Google, iTunes for easy viewing and sharing by family members and friends of the sender. If you have cell phone you can use Umundo without registration.
How does it work?
Capture clip or picture with your cell phone
Send it to via MMS or email
Publish on :MySpace, My Yahoo!, , Google, iTunes to share on the web with family and friends.

Umundo是一個位于美國加州的公司。它爲人們提供一種特殊的服務,免費定制用移動電話拍攝的影像文件發送到一些網站:MySpace, My Yahoo!, , Google, iTunes,與朋友和家人分享。如果你有可攝像的移動電話就可以免費使用Umundo而無需注冊。
用你的移動電話抓拍影像,然後通過MMS或電子郵件發送到,發布在:MySpace, My Yahoo!, , Google, iTunes上與他人分享。

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